Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wow, it's been a while...

So I have been out of commission for a really long time; I was kinda taking some time to try to reorganize my life and determine where my priorities in life were. Not to mention the military life was starting to take a toll on me, as I was moving around a lot in the past couple of months. Now, however, I am back in action, and will (try to, at least) be blogging on a "regular" basis... A lot of things are happening back home, and they are issues that demand action. Action from us, the people of the Commonwealth. A lot of them are just old issues being brought back to the table for more discussion, but I think that those are some of the most important things to talk about these days. Most people would disagree with me, they would say that we have CUC, the economy, stray dog problem, etc whatever they can insert there to be a more pressing matter for the CNMI. They are thinking in the now, and I am trying to think a few steps ahead of the game here.... So anyway, I am currently writing a letter to Representative Bordallo of Guam about the Marianas Trench Marine National Monument..... As many of you know, this is quite the pressing issue at the moment. Many people will just ignore it because they are uninformed as to what is going on or how important this really is to us..... but I hope to change that. Keep on the lookout for future updates from me. I'm back, and I'm gonna be writing a lot. You all should too. Let your voices be heard, CNMI.

Rodeo, out.