Wednesday, August 15, 2007

previous posts from other blogs

So, like I said with my previous entry... here are the previous entries that I posted on other blogs....

July 30, 2007 - Monday

don't mind me... I'm just being emo.
Current mood: depressed

It's hard, you know?
moving to a new place.
a place that's thousands of miles away from home.
the home that you have known and loved for 18 years.
this place.... thousands of miles away from the people you love...
it's haunting.
Ever since I came here I've been dreaming every night.
every night, I dream of home.
Saipan and people from saipan.
just random people that I would talk to and spend time with.
it's hard being so far away from everyone.
it's hard missing everyone like crazy.
but the hardest part,
is ending up emo like me.
you end up emo because you think that no one cares.
because it seems like no one is making any effort to contact you.
I mean I'm not blaming you guys or whatever...
cuz I know...
it's not like the world revolves around me and shit like that.
but still.
I've seen people leave.
I know how much you communicate with those people.
but whatever.

August 2, 2007 - Thursday

Current mood: blah

i give up.
no one cares.
my life here is shit anyway.
i can't do anything right.
I just make problems for my family.
everything's a mess.
i can't ever be useful.
i'm just a waste of time.
a waste of sperm.
I never should have been born.
i'm just a big fucking mistake.
they say that god's perfect.
well maybe I was his mistake.
this body was put to waste by being paired with this soul.
i'd give it up for any other deserving soul anyday.
if only it were that easy.
if only I could just give my life away like that.
i honestly don't know what's going to happen now.
i just really don't feel like living anymore.
i've truly given up on life.
i guess this is goodbye............
have fun with your lives, people.
don't be a wasted soul like me.
I know there are many different reasons as to why most of you guys aren't contacting me.
busy with work, busy with school, busy with other friends, busy carrying on with your lives....
whatever the reason is...
why do I even bother.....
oh well.
don't mind me, I'm just being emo.
sorry for wasting your time.
...if you even bothered to read this.