Monday, August 31, 2009

The New Routine.

So I spent the weekend moving into Denyale's house.... I am now living with Denyale and Dylan out in town, and it's pretty sweet. I am not going to move all my stuff out of my barracks room, obviously, but just the stuff that's taking up a lot of space here. I'm only gonna be using my room for the nights that I have to come in to work on the messdecks. The weekend was alright, I went over to Mango's pad for a little BBQ with other people from the shop and everyone got wild and crazy and drunk. I drank a few drinks, but I knew that Den and Dylan would get way too trashed that night, so I eventually cut myself off so that I could drive us home when everyone was ready to leave. It was quite an experience, the drive home. It was dark and it was raining pretty hard so I was kinda on edge already, and then Den, being absorbed into her phone and reacting to it with "oh my god" and "gasp" from time to time, would really freak me out. I'm not usually a jumpy driver, but keep in mind that I haven't driven a vehicle in over 8 months (probably even longer), and I have never driven in Washington, AND it was dark and rainy.... all of that makes the perfect recipe for a nerve-racking night.

So anyway, we got home and the absolutely wasted Dylan went to bed eventually, after a couple of embarrassing moments with Den and quite possibly some hidden truths that came out unintentionally. The next morning we were gonna drop Dylan off to work, but when I woke up to my alarm I was so tired that I passed out again and they left. I woke up when Den came back and I couldn't sleep after that. I ended up watching the second half of Heroes Season 3, because there was a marathon running on G4. Den and I stayed in our own little worlds pretty much all day, except for the times when she would cook us a meal, and then later on in the night she had decided that enough was enough and we couldn't stay in the house any longer. She said we needed to go out and do something or she would go insane, so that's just what we did. We went over to Silverdale Mall and hung out for a while, and then on our way back she said she was too lazy to cook again so we decided to go get some pizza from LIttle Caesar's.

We ate the pizza and watched ghost shows on TV, and then she and I went to bed because she said she had to go fishing early in the morning the next day. She ended up not going because she had ended up staying up so late (she said she didn't get to sleep till around 5:30), and I woke up to the sound of Dylan entering the house. We all hung out for a couple of hours, and then Wolf and Connor came over and chilled for a while and we all got drunk at the house and all that shit.

IDK, it was a pretty boring and uneventful weekend for me, but it was good down time spent with Den and Dylan. We have accepted that the three of us are all we have for the next year and a half (I, unfortunately, have longer on the boat than that, but Den and Dylan are getting out before I do) and that this was our family until then. It's cool, though, because I really do see Den as a sister and Dylan as a brother. They're the ony two people in the shop that I actually do trust fully and wholeheartedly and I know won't fuck me over on anything.