Monday, September 7, 2009

My Labor Day 2009.

So, while the rest of America is out at parks having picnics or in the wilderness having a little mini-campout, I am here, at home, with Dylan. All day. It's just been the two of us, until just about half an hour ago, when Den came home, with an unexpected guest. Yeah, she brought her little guy friend over, the one that she had spent like the whole weekend with. I guess it's a good thing that we cleaned up the house as soon as we got home. Still though, I'm stuck here at home just using the internet on labor day while the rest of America is out having picnics and family gatherings and shit. What a bummer. I ended up spending most of my day analyzing the rest of the audio files of our Ouija board sessions (which I am not even completely done with) and monitoring for EVPs. Yep, that's my labor day for ya. I can't even have fun and drink on Labor Day, because of my surgery.... ugh this sucks!!