Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veterans Day 2014

"The Forgotten"
By Kelvin Rodeo 

Every year, we dedicate one day in November 
To thank our veterans and appreciate 
Their service and sacrifice, to tell them we remember
By offering them some free food on a plate.

We revel in this day and thank every veteran we see
Or encounter when we go out
But we forget about those who from society are absentee
Many of whom are the real thing that this day is about.

What of our brothers and sisters who live in the dark
Forgotten by our government and our society
Many of whom forced to live on the streets or at the park
Many even suffering from mental illnesses of a variety.

One in every four homeless people is a veteran
Someone who put their lives on the line in the service of this nation
But we seem to have forgotten about these brethren
And their numbers grow larger generation after generation.

But what about those who do have a home
And have still apparently been forgotten
The ones who live in their own little personal dome
Whose minds and thoughts are left to become rotten?

What about our brothers and sisters fighting internal battles every day
Anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, flashbacks, PTSD
They've got so many internal demons to slay
Ignored and abandoned by the bourgeoisie?

Every day, at least 22 veterans commit suicide
Succumbing to the demons that plague their mind
Too tired of all the times they've cried
While everyone else, to their plight, was blind.

Americans believe that we are free
Every year we thank our veterans for it
But how thankful can anyone truly be
When so many of our veterans, we have allowed society to omit?

I dedicate this day to the forgotten and abandoned among us
Those who truly deserve all of this attention
About their situation we need to start a fuss
Happy Veterans Day to those who are never mentioned.